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advantageProcess equipment advanced detection means perfectBrake professional manufacturing enterprise
  • China Construction Machinery Industry Association construction crane machinery branch
  • China Heavy Machinery Industry Association
  • Bridge crane branch of medium and Heavy Machinery Industry Association
  • China Wind Energy Association
  • China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association wind energy equipment branch member
advantage40 years of production experience in the national authority certificationProfessional leading industry
  • The company was founded in 1991, 1975 through the comprehensive quality management certification
  • In 1993 by the people's Government of Henan Province as the heavy contract, keep promise
  • 1995 through the Ministry of agriculture, the comprehensive quality management and acceptance
  • 1996 product was awarded the provincial famous brand title, the same year won the famous brand in Henan province"
  • In 1997 by the Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau, "the product adopts the international standard certificate"
  • 1993, 1999 achieved the national lifting machinery product quality inspection center awarded the certificate of product quality
  • In 2002 through the ISO9000 quality certification
  • 2003 years so far, the company produced all series of products one after another to obtain the national portal crane approved test center type test certificate.
advantageProfessional technology Teams at the Top
  • The company has more than 400 skilled workers, more than 40 research engineers
  • Products obtained by the State Intellectual Property Patent Office issued a patent certificate
  • Self cooled brake wheel, YPZ2 series of type VIII type brake brake, slowly fill the domestic blank
  • Solving the brake brakes violently shaking, brake wheel fever, brake effect diminishes the drawbacks, we each supporting cooperation manufacturers widely used.
advantageBeyond the contract after sale service
  • Character determines the product, ideas to determine the way out
  • Pragmatic diligent work style, beyond the contract after-sales service
  • Leading and grafting industry advanced technology
  • At home and abroad who cooperate to build the industry well-known brands.
Some of the company's products won the State Intellectual Property Office issued patent the patent certificate, which of self cooled braked wheel, YPZ2 Series VIII type brake, slow slow brake fill the gaps in the domestic, is now being widely used in the supporting manufacturers.
Company's products are widely used in material handling, wind power, port machinery, mining, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, construction machinery and automotive electronics and automotive parts and other industries. Cooperative manufacturers across the country and East Asia, a number of large enterprises. Among them there is no lack of Beijing 31, ZOOMLION and other major national listed companies.